Visual assistance
More visual assistance for people coping with sight loss is on the way! The American Council of the Blind, ACB, working with other allied organizations is aiming to improve the quantity of audio described projects. The goal is to bring more meaning and entertainment to Cultural events, movies, televised series, and educational offerings for Blind and visually impaired individuals. The goal is to have more audio description!
Audio description or voice over narrative makes the visual imagery of paintings, television, movies, museums, educational materials, works of art, and the wonders of national parks accessible to people challenged by sight loss. The unseen visual elements being described can include scenery, costumes, gestures, settings, facial expressions, and all other visually important images. Action films usually containing little dialogue an overwhelming musical score, explosions, gunshots, and screams are made understandable having the nonverbal actions and characters audibly described.
The ACB maintains a list of 3,368 described DVD’s, television broadcasts, movies, performing arts series, museums, and national parks all available at: WWW.ACB.Org/adp