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Eye-Link Wisconsin is now open for business!

There is a wide array of assistive/adaptive equipment available which immediately improves the quality of lives. Giving this critical equipment to Wisconsin residents challenged by uncorrectable sight loss is the sole mission of Eye-Link, Wisconsin!

Getting assistive/adaptive tools that reopen all channels of information has a positive impact on people whose lives have been altered by the onset of uncorrectable sight loss. This specially designed equipment featuring hardware & software packages that literally “reads“, offers new ways to read books, newspapers, playing cards, and even prescriptions. Receiving and using adaptive technologies reopens doors to information that have been closed by loosing functional sight. Learning to use adaptive technology immediately begins to restore esteem, self-sufficiency, confidence, and independence.

Eye-Link Wisconsin furnishes this vital equipment free of any charges to residents experiencing unrecoverable vision impairment .
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Here are some of the adaptive technologies:


K-NFB Reader
 – K-NFB Reader is a handheld electronic reading device that converts photographed text into spoken audio. Through the use of the K-NFB Reader, the visually impaired can instantly make printed materials, like a menu, audible.

BrailleNote – 
BrailleNote is a specialized computer with a braille keyboard, text-to-speech synthesizer, and braille output display. BrailleNote is commonly used in work and school environments.

A – closed circuit television (CCTV) or video magnifier is a device that projects a magnified image of printed text, handwriting, and photographs onto a large monitor. CCTV helps the visually impaired to read printed materials and see what they are writing. The DaVinci, a hybrid CCTV, combines the ability to boost font and character size with an optical scanner. The scanner reads the document to the user.

Job Access with Speech (JAWS) is software package to convert on-screen text elements into text-to-speech or braille display.

ZoomText Screen Magnification Software – 
ZoomText Screen Magnifier is a screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows that assists the visually impaired by increasing the size font and characters.

Desktop & Laptop Computers
 – A powerful and reliable computer is necessary to run software such as JAWS.

Trekker Breeze
 – A hand-held, mobile talking GPS, directed in walking terms, that allows independent mobility and seamless navigation.

You can immediately boost the critical effort to help people acquire vital assistive equipment!
Please mail your fully tax deductible contribution to:

Eye-Link, Wisconsin
P.O. Box 845
Green Bay, WI,54305